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She has studied and  graduated to the "Universita' degli Studi" of Bologna in

 Letters and Philosophy in the 1969.

 She takes a master in " History of the Art" to the University of Bologna with a

 prof. Renato Barilli  in the academic years 1970 - 1971. 

She began to paint in the 1974.                        

                      She  lived in the years 1974 - 1979 in Paris where she  worked as fashion 

designer   and she obtained a certain

                             professional success.  But his true passion was however the painting.

 She breathed the artistic Parisian

                               air and the most  important works of the impressionists painters to

 the" Jeu de Paume"  museum at this time  in the Tuilleries  garden



The magic Marrakech            

The lights, the colors, the Magic of Marrakech was the inspiring

 motives of the Artist in his period of  Moroccan stay , in the years 1996- 1998 .  

During the  years of life in Marocco, the Artist has refined the artistic cromatisme.

In the years of life in China( 2005-2007) , she know

very well the art and the culture of

the most ancient country in the world.

       Now she works in Bologna  Italy       






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